Hell is where we've been.

Aleks was here.

Buhbye Renee.

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I have thirty minutes to fuck about before my shift….. to go to Evil Twin or to poop around on my bench.

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24 Hours Before Nubbins.


Max had been dreading his trip back to Denver for the longest of time but with the loudness of San Francisco increasing and the recent attacks in Chicago, it had been no better time. They’d packed quickly and got the two best buddies rallied together and been out the door before noon. The silence were nice at first, the peace and quiet of just driving, and then they made it into the city.

Everything were normal, minus the slight screams and what sounded like groaning outside.

He chalked it up to someone being shot and refused to open the door, ignored the news, and just played with Zoe and Malcolm for awhile. Then it came to Renee— curled up with her on the couch, tightly wound and watching television for the last few hours.

"Agreed. Feels nice to not touch anything involving the internet for once."

Zoe was napping on Renee’s shoulder, so she had taken the opportunity to harass the munchkin cat, stroking her side until the cat rolled over, falling right into Max’s side. The cat was too chill to care, yawning and curling up there instead, Malcolm had already made his home on a pillow by the couch and was howling every so often at the sounds outside. Renee was just thankful the back yard had a privacy fence, so they could safely let Malcolm out to do his business. 

"If it weren’t for the weird noises, I’d say this vacation was the best idea ever. Not saying it doesn’t come close, but those noises are weird." She frowned, listening. It sounded like groaning. Almost like the impossible. Zombies. But that wasn’t possible. 


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24 Hours Before Nubbins.

Denver. Boring ass Denver for a few days of peace and quiet after what seemed like months of civil unrest across the rest of the country. It was better than the screaming of San Fran, that was for sure and Malcolm and Zoe were happy roaming the house with reckless abandon, Malcolm howling off and on.

If it weren’t for the weird noises outside, it would have felt like home. They’d been hearing it off and on for the last few hours, but couldn’t quite place exactly what it was. Renee wasn’t about to go look. She was happier cuddled against Max on the couch watching t.v., Zoe and Malcolm at their sides.

"Pretty decent vacation," she said, yawning a little. "It actually feels kind of nice."

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[renee + adam] | i'm not sick but still far away from sane


Adam stood by the scene silently, at a loss for words for the first time in what he knew was years. The reddish-brown haired stranger’s odd guttural grunts picked up again, and Adam made a face. “Wait, he speaks Zombie?”

"Well, I am a zombie so." Patrick shrugged,…

"That’s my fault." Renee muttered, sinking against a wall. "At first there, he /was/ attempting to eat me. I had a-" she motioned, at a loss for words as to what it was. Bigger than a usual knife but smaller than a sword. It had been in the basement. "But I couldn’t…I couldn’t." Her breath blew out in a defeated sigh, her head hanging. "I love him. A lot." She looked at the other redhead, their expressions mirrored and she knew Fee felt the same about her own partner.

"They’re downstairs, if maybe the… um. Arms might be…salvageable."

"What are the odds…?" Fee muttered, shaking her head. Astronomical was most likely the answer they were looking for. Two not-quite-zombie zombies in one group. It certainly increased their odds of surviving.

"I used to be a medic, but that requires surgical skill I don’t even come close to possessing. Now if these were a different kind of zombie - say raised by magic - they could function independently…." she trailed, noticing a few stares. "What?! I know my zombie lore, okay? I grew up on Romero and shambling corpses on the silver screen."

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[renee + adam] | i'm not sick but still far away from sane


Adam watched as the stranger ran forward, stepping in the way. “Hey hey, easy there lady! That’s our friend in there.” He warned, brandishing the bat. “And I’m not about to let you kill him if he’s still maybe alive. No Heads go flying until Nee gives the Okay.” He…

Renee let out a soft whine at the sound of Max saying her name again, torn between running to him and flinging her arms around him and sinking to the floor, weeping.

"Nee. Nee is my nickname." She whimpered. "My name is Renee Reynosa." She said. "And that’s Max Gonzales. My-" she hiccuped. "My boyfriend."

"A special case? It doesn’t sound too far off." Fee admitted. Looking at the zombie, she realized that the woman in question seemed to have been attempting to pull a Michonne. But she couldn’t finish the job.

"Fee. Felicia Connelly. And the zombie translator over there is Patrick. My boyfriend." She sighed, omitting his last name in case of any other shenanigans. She didn’t need the man any angrier than he already was.

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Good morning Aleks.

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aleksvsworld: playlist aleks and playlist max.

why do you do this to me?


first meeting: Dancing With the Devil - Krewella, Patrick Stump and Travis Barker

Our clipped wings will never hold us down,
Whoa oh, whoa oh
We are kings from the underground
We, we came, to rain on your parade
And if we die, then, who will be your remedy,
so shut the fuck up, we’re about to leave a legacy.

We are louder the your bullshit.

becoming lovers: Run Dry (x Hearts X Fingers) - Patrick Stump

Step one: drink
Step two: make mistakes
Step three: pretend you don’t remember
Step four: drink a little more
Step five: I need to run dry
I need to run dry

My liver’s killing me
But willingly I’m going to tell whoever asks that I feel alright
I beg the ceiling for forgiveness
Cause I don’t want to remember what I did last night
When I was drunk I might have some things I didn’t mean
There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s something wrong with me

breakup: World Away - Emery.

No, I don’t want to be
The one who lives a lie
But never knew it.
We’re just a world away from where
I can feel like I’ve never felt before
So lock the door.

You’re the one who told me
To pack up all my things
And leave in the morning
It’s just a world away from here
And I will never bother you no more
And that’s for sure.

working it out: Okay I Believe You but My Tommy Gun Don’t - Brand New.

We’re concentrating on falling apart.
We were contenders, we’re throwing the fight
But I just wanna believe, I just wanna believe,
I just wanna believe, in us.

happily ever after: Stay the Night - Zedd feat. Hayley Williams

I know that we are upside down
So hold your tongue and hear me out
I know that we were made to break
So what? I don’t mind

You kill the lights, I’ll draw the blinds
Don’t dull the sparkle in your eyes
I know that we were made to break
So what? I don’t mind

Are you gonna stay the night?
Are you gonna stay the night?
Oh oh oh, are you gonna stay the night?


first meeting: Sweet Nothing - Calvin Harris.

You took my heart and you held it in your mouth
And with a word all my love came rushing out
And every whisper, it’s the worst,
Emptied out by a single word
There is a hollow in me now

So I put my faith in something unknown
I’m living on such sweet nothing
But I’m tired of hope with nothing to hold
I’m living on such sweet nothing

And it’s hard to learn
And it’s hard to love
When you’re giving me such sweet nothing
Sweet nothing, sweet nothing
You’re giving me such sweet nothing

becoming lovers: I Wanna - All-American Rejects

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Everyday but all I have is time
Our loves the perfect crime

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Every way and when they set me free
Just put your hands on me

breakup: Degausser - Brand New. 

Goodbye you liar,
Well you sipped from the cup but you don’t own up to anything
Then you think you will inspire
Take apart your head
(and I wish I could inspire)
Take apart the demon, in the attic to the left.

(goodbye my love)
You’re brought back but you’re running
(goodbye my love)
I’ll find sleep in the end tonight
(goodbye my love)
I can’t shake this little feeling
(goodbye my love)
I’ll never say anything right

working it out: Guernica - Brand New

I submit no excuse.
If this is what I have to do
I owe you every day I wake.
If I could I would shrink myself,
and sink through your skin to your blood cells,
and remove whatever makes you hurt but
I am too weak to be your cure.

Is this the way a toy feels when its batteries run dry?
I am the watch you always wear but you forget to wind.
Nobody plans to be half a world away at times like these,
so I sat alone and waited out the night.
The best part of what has happened was the part I must have missed.
So I’m asking you to shine it on and stick around,
I’m not writing my goodbyes.

happily ever after: Here’s To Us - Halestorm featuring Slash.

Stuck it out this far together
Put our dreams through the shredder
Let’s toast cause things got better
and everything could change like that
And all these years go by so fast
But nothing lasts forever

Here’s to us
Here’s to love
All the times
That we messed up
Here’s to you
Fill the glass
Cause the last few nights
Have kicked my ass
If they give you hell
Tell em to go fuck themselves
Here’s to us
Here’s to us

Here’s to all that we kissed
And to all that we missed
To the biggest mistakes
That we just wouldn’t trade
To us breaking up
Without us breaking down
To whatever’s come our way

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imurderedforhim: playlist because why not

holy jesus, spotify on random for the win. 

first meeting: Move Like You Want To - Ben Howard.

I saw you earlier on,
They were playing blues downtown
Some kind of Mississippi, Mississippi song
And I know, I know, I know I caught your eye
Because you darling, you caught mine.

So lady get down,
Like there’s no-one else around here.

becoming lovers: Staplegunned - The Spill Canvas

It was in the lobby when I set my sights on you
Shoulda kissed you in the elevator,
but I was too scared to
It was in the morning when I made up my mind
I want you staple-gunned right to my side all of the time 

Do I have to spell it out for you
or scream it in your face?
Oh, the chemistry between us could destroy this place
Do I have to spell it out for you
or whisper in your ear?
Oh, just stop right there
I think that we’ve got something here

breakup: Heavy Lies the Crown - In Fear and Faith.

You told me that it wasn’t personal.
I traded everything for this and now it’s gone.
Where is this coming from?
Once more you’re recovering from all the things you’ve done.

I’m strong enough to breathe the air into my lungs.
I saw this coming, maybe this is right.

working it out: Our Song - Matchbox Twenty.

And I’ve been too proud sometimes
Chasing fault lines

Oh no
I’m gonna be there always
After the pain has gone away
The feelings are so strong
This can be our song
This can be our song

happily ever after: Happily Ever After - Spin Doctors.

This old world is a merry-go-round
with painted horses going up and down
oceans of tears gales of laughter
once in a while someone lives
happily ever after

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